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Esquire Insurance provides a highly efficient and streamline way of handling your Commercial, Auto, and Homeowner's Insurance needs. Esquire Insurance integrates its paperless based system to cater towards your insurance needs. This allows our clients a personalized, yet technology driven way to secure their insurance.

Esquire Insurance is licensed in several states throughout the United States. Our ties to these communities allow us to have great presence in these states. Esquire Insurance is able to grow through its pride on customer service, personalization, and out performing our competitors.

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2/22 - Reality Star Sues Alaska-Based Reality Show over Safety Claims

A star of the Alaska-based reality series “Life Below Zero” is suing the show’s producers, alleging she was hurt while forced to per... {read more}

2/22 - The Path to Let Rideshare Companies into Alaska Not So Smooth

The drive to allow rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft to operate in Alaska has hit speed bumps. The bill, from Sen. Mia Costello, R-Anchorage, fac... {read more}

2/22 - Chicago Bears Seeking to Limit Players’ Workers’ Comp Benefits

Should injured pro athletes be allowed to earn workers’ compensation benefits until they are 67 years old, like other workers, even if their ath... {read more}

2/22 - Louisiana Offers Tax Filing, Payment Extensions for Some Tornado Victims

Taxpayers who were victims of the severe storms and tornadoes that struck Louisiana earlier this month could be eligible for extensions filing their s... {read more}

2/22 - Texas Neurosurgeon Gets Life Sentence for Maiming Patients

Jurors on Feb. 20 sentenced a former Dallas neurosurgeon to life in prison for maiming patients who had turned to him for surgery to resolve debilitat... {read more}

2/22 - Mayor Issues Disaster Declaration for San Antonio After Tornadoes

The mayor of San Antonio has issued a disaster declaration for the city of 1.4 million during cleanup after four tornadoes touched down in the area. M... {read more}
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